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Monday, February 16, 2009

Worst Jobs in the World

Think you have the worst job in the world? Think again. If you're not having to taste test worms, dig graves, or clean dig things from sewers, well, then you probably don't even come close. This site not only lists current awful jobs submitted by visitors, but all-time historic worst jobs such as fishmonger, rodent catcher, and flatulence analyzer. If you always keep in mind that things could go from bad to worse in an instant, maybe you'll actually be grateful for that crabby boss that keeps getting on you for pilfering paperclips. Okay, probably not, but it was worth a shot.

Monday, February 09, 2009

The Secret of Invisibility

"Walk UNSEEN among people or CROWDS," promises this website, "The secret of invisibility... REVEALED." This is not a toy or a magic trick, boasts the advertisenment, nor is it an illusion or a ninja technique. You (yes, you!) really can walk sight unseen into your neighborhood bank vault, through the girl's locker room, or out the back door at your family reunion. This is the secret of the gods! And to access this 1,000 year old secret, all you have to do is... spend $30 on publisher Bill W. Williams' book. But don't worry - you'll make back the $30 in no time, plus much, much more, robbing the collection plate at church or selling videos to "Girls Gone Wild!"

Monday, February 02, 2009

Plaid Stallions

If you're into shag carpeting, Stretch Armstrong, and polyester business suits but don't have a time machine to take you back to the 1970's, Brian Heiler's Plaid Stallions website is the next best thing. Combining old Sears Wish Book catalog pages with witty commentary, the website easily achieves its slogan - "mocking the seventies a catalog page at a time." A huge repository of 70's catalog pages in its own right, PS manages to both make fun of the era and pay homage to it via the author's memories in the form of a daily blog. The 1970's haven't been this fun since, well... the 1970's. Grab some Freakies cereal and give PS a view!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

jingle Belle

Yes, it's that time of year ago; time for hot cocoa, snowball fights, presents under the tree, and, yes, busty elf girls. Enter Sant'a lusty daughter, aka Paul Dini's Jingle Belle. Jingle has graced comics, been made into toys, and even has her own web cam. And lest you fear keeping her away from the kiddies, Jingle's antics, while suggestive, definitely fall into the PG-13 range at their worst. So take an express trip to the north pole and check out Jingle Belle's igloo today - after all, you never know what you might see on her web cam.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Virtual Snow Globe

Have you ever wanted to create your own personal snow globe? Well, of course you have! And the fine folks at Clean Home Journal (an SC Johnson company) have made your wish come true. Just pick one of three snowy backgrounds and five of twelve decorations (think Gingerbread man, Snow man, igloo, sled, and assorted other items of that nature) and you're ready to shake. If only you could wrap it up for the gift exchange at your next office party!